He does it again. Antonio Cesaro has continued to impress me, and is one of my favorite superstars in the WWE. He has been able to perform with some terrible opponents like The Great Khali and others. Cesaro has been United States Championship for a while now, and is one of the best superstars in the WWE without a doubt.
This past Wednesday on WWE Main Event, Cesaro retained his US title, and hit his amazing finishing move, "The Neutralizer" on the Great Khali, which was a sight to see.

So now it looks like he will feuding with The Miz for the United States Championship and they will only help each other in the ring, and their characters will be able to complement each other. But what's next for Cesaro? After he drops the US title, I can without a doubt see Antonio Cesaro in the World Heavyweight Championship picture, and will be moving up to the main event status in mid-late 2013.

Many have said that Cesaro is a throwback in today's WWE, which is 100% truth. His character is a tough guy, which is somewhat true because he is currently wrestling with several broken fingers, and torn ligaments in his right hand. He is as old fashion wrestling as you can get in todays age of wrestling.

The funny thing is that when he was called up, it was almost a now or never situation where they were giving him one last chance to make it to the main roster. But he has performed since, and hasn't looked back. In the WWE right now, there is no one like Cesaro. He is one of the strongest superstars in the WWE, and has continued to be able to lift the biggest guys on the roster, like Khali, and Brodus Clay.

If your looking for the model WWE superstar, Cesaro is that wrestler.

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