WWE fans always want to witness a great feud and who doesn't. Feuds are what solely defines one winner and one loser. The patriot himself Jack Swagger has been absent from the WWE for a while after having byfar the worst year of his career. Although one who did have an oceanic year was U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro. Ever since making the transition from ROH to the WWE, Antonio Cesaro has flourished by showing off his tremendous athleticism and also his ferocious arrogance towards the American people on the mic. 
Wrestlemania is coming soon and it would make the perfect sense for us to see a feud between Swagger and Cesaro. Antonio Cesaro belittles the American people and why would Jack Swagger tolerate that? Swagger would essentially comeback as a face and defend his loyalty towards the United States of America including the WWE universe. Cesaro, a Switzerland man, has no right in judging and trashing America while holding and retaining the U.S. Championship. Swagger can step in and make an impact by shutting up Cesaro and taking care of unfinished business.

Antonio Cesaro has had a great run with that title but it's time for Jack Swagger to end that feat. Swagger is a good wrestler who has the ability to become the people's champion. This feud would solely define one winner and one loser. Cesaro has been a winner while Swagger has been the loser. Swagger can reverse that and blossom into the sunlight. This feud would be great going into Wrestlemania and would complement both individuals for sure.   

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