People who know me, know that I am unbelievable Triple H fan, and I will go to bat for him any day of the week, and I do trend to go overboard when I defend him, but this time I think I'm right on the dot with this argument.Triple H has been ripped for letting his ego get in the way of how he books matches and feuds when it comes to himself. People say that he "buries" and "trashes" other superstars to pump his character and himself. 
But everyone is completely wrong. In his career, Triple H is probably one of the best at created superstars. I can rip off names, and let you know who he has helped, created, or put over in his career.

He first put over, and in my opinion created Randy Orton. In the mid-2000s, Triple H was one of the bookers for the creative team, and insisted in giving Randy Orton the World Heavyweight Championship, and put Orton over as a huge star in the WWE. They feuded for months, and Triple H has helped build Orton to the superstar that he is today.

Next, He is the prime reason for building Batista's career as well. He had huge potential, and with Triple H's guidance, and took the mat at WrestleMania 21, which was his second straight loss at the time in WrestleMania (He lost to Benoit at WM 20). Batista and Triple H went on to feud for the next couple of months, and once again Triple H put Batista over, and created another power superstar.

The very next year, Triple H faced John Cena, who was recently given the ball to run with on Raw, and had been planned to be the face of the WWE, but he needed that big win to help him become the mega star that he is today. WrestleMania 22, Triple H lost to John Cena by submission which is even bigger because he was then chanted at, "you taped out!" for months. Cena was then put over for good, and was the face of the company for good. That match was an up and down match, and one of Cena's greatest.

The next example I have is Triple H moving to SmackDown. There was no reason for him to shift to SmackDown. He could of asked to stay on Raw, but he decided to move the #2 show in the WWE. While he was there, he was WWE Champion, and helped put over Jeff Hardy in there brief feud. Yes, Hardy was over, but their feud helped Hardy as a legit singles competitor.

Finally, in one of his last feuds was with the Great White Sheamus when he was a heel, young in his career. Triple H and Sheamus had a great match at WrestleMania, and he helped Sheamus get over, and become a legit main event talent.

Now as a Executive, Triple H is off TV, and is one of the decision makers. So after the resume I gave you above, I don't understand why he has this reputation of being someone who overshadows fellow superstars, and buries them. That in my opinion is false, and he is one of the biggest star creator in WWE history.

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2/7/2013 12:30:50

Triple is overrated though and just to clarify but I did not ever say Triple H 'buries others'. There's a difference in saying that Triple H can not help build others into becoming way over with the audience.


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